October 3, 2010

Steamed Layer Tofu

I was so inspired by Wendy's Steamed Layer Stuffed Tofu that I went to buy myself a pack to try.

And of course, somehow her pics looked so much more appetizing than mine. I added some veggies by the side to be steamed together as I was so lazy to cook another dish that we had this only for our dinner with rice. Hence, I got to somehow make it a balanced dish. *wink*

Nevertheless, we had a good time with this and best compliment ever is when Hubby ate most of it, for someone who doesn't like tofu at all.

Recipe can be found in Wendy's post.


  1. Let me guess, your bean paste isn't hot bean paste right?
    Taste is all that matters, don't worry too much about the looks :)

  2. It's the hot one... I like a bit of kick in my food. Hehee..