November 28, 2016

Ronni's Orange (and sometimes Lemon) Butter Cookies

Cookies. You love them and you love them. When they are so high in sugar and butter, how not to love love love them?

My hubby loves loves loves loves them. I'm not exaggerating.
All kinds of cookies.
Hard, soft, chewy, gooey, whatever.

What was left after 1 day. I should be grateful.

Here is a little original recipe from me. I call them Ronni's Orange (and sometimes Lemon) Butter Cookies. 

Ronni's Orange (and sometimes Lemon) Butter Cookies.
Makes around 25-35 pieces depending on the size of your cookie cutters

180g flour
20g corn flour (can add more)
1 egg yolk
60g sugar (Warning, I don't like my kids to take them too sweet. So do add another 20-30g if you prefer cookies like how they should be)
100g butter softened
Zest of 1 orange (or lemon)

  1. Preheat oven (I usually do it only at the cookie cutting phase as I usually take a long time doing that)
  2. Cream butter and sugar till pale and fluffy
  3. Add yolk and continue beating
  4. Add in orange or lemon zest and continue beating
  5. Add sifted flour and beat till just incorporated
  6. Bring together into a dough with a spatula or just do it by hand like I usually do
  7. Use cookie cutter to cut out cookies. Dip cutter in some flour if dough keeps sticking to it. You can opt to chill in fridge for 20-30mins if dough is too soft.
  8. Bake at 180 degrees for 12-15 mins till browned
  9. Cool and eat!

November 14, 2016

Stuffed Deep Fried Beancurd with Minced Meat

Gosh! I just realized it has been 4 years since my last update to this blog! For one, I just couldn't understand why Google redirects my blog to instead of!

I guess with 2 kids in tow and a full time job with no helper, somehow this blog gets neglected.

Nevertheless, I have been faithfully cooking and baking. In fact, on a daily basis, since I prepare nearly all the dinners we have at home for the family.

"How do you manage that?!" was usually the question I get from colleagues and friends who understand how busy a schedule I can have. My answer, hyper-scheduling and God's grace! Somehow, God has given me a good speed and efficiency developed over the years. Thanks to that, I was able to somehow manage well.

One friend was telling me that she sees me like a participant in the Master Chef. No no, not because I cook wonderfully but because on a daily basis, hubby will take out some frozen meat stuff in the afternoon to defrost and when I am home, I will check out what's defrosted, what I have in the fridge and decide within 10-15 minutes the dinner menu for tonight. I do get a lot of inspirations from blogs and recipes online. Sometimes I remembered I saw a wonderfully perfect recipe to be used on a occasion like today but... I can't find it anymore! Hence... it brings me back to why I need to update this blog again. For my own reference and if possible, for the benefit of others who are also in the journey of food making for the family.

So, here's an original spontaneous Master Chef-like recipe to commemorate Ronni's hiatus comeback. :)

Stuffed Deep Fried Beancurd with Minced Meat
Makes 10

1 pack of deep fried beancurd (tau pok)
300g minced pork
50g minced prawn (I omitted this as they weren't defrosted yet)
1/2 large yellow onion (I used purple onions for this as that is the only available onion), finely chopped
1/2 tsp five spice powder
1 tsp corn flour
1 tbsp soya sauce
pinch of salt

  1. Combine all ingredients except beancurd and mix well into a meat mixture
  2. Make a slit on one side of each of the beancurd
  3. Stuff the meat mixture into each of the beancurd slit made
  4. Arrange them in a oven proof tray and grill at 180C for 25-30mins