January 14, 2010

New Idea

As always, when the new year begins, I have a new idea.
In fact, I have many many odd ideas all through the year as reminded by my husband.

This year, my new idea is to create a cooking blog.

Ever since my maternity leave, I have been baking, cooking and re-creating recipes after recipes from all the blogs I've read. Thanks to them, I have now enjoyed cooking and baking so much more. So, why not start one of my own and share the many recipes I have found, tried and tested with everyone as well?

I could have simply tap on to my current motherhood-blog and simply add the cooking stuff in there. However, I realized that this doesn't quite promote a good sharing of recipes without reading through all my life moments. When you want to cook or bake something, you kind of want to just get down to it instead of scrolling through pages of life details isn't it?

So here it is... a memo of all my cooking adventures.
A toast. To a new year of more home-cooked food and new ideas to come. :D

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