February 3, 2010

Hubby's Creations

Hubby has been working from home for a while and taking care of the baby in the meantime. This is really quite a good option for us at this moment. Somehow this is more assuring than having our young baby enrolled into infant care or cared for by a nanny. With my workplace so near to my current rented location, I get to come home during lunch time and  back early to see and play with my kid.

One fine day, Hubby decided that he will be cooking lunch for both of us from then on as I think he got sick of the lousy takeaways from the two small hawker centers near our place. Even though he is new to cooking, he has been searching the web for fancy recipes instead of regular ones and below are some of his more successful creations. I will not comment further... *wink*

Cereal Prawns 麦片虾
26 January 2010

Butter Spare Ribs 奶油排骨
2 March 2010

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