June 13, 2010


I have a major problem with following instructions - I don't quite follow them.

It goes for my baking. Though I am a novice, I still love the feel of "aga-ra-tion" which literally meant "estimation" in Singlish.

Even though I have read quite a few blogs, especially the one from a blogger by the name as mine at Kitchen Musings, on the dos and don'ts of making macarons, I followed everything in the recipe.... except one step i.e. age the egg whites. I reckoned that some professionals didn't have to do it so I should be quite fine.

While I waited for the macarons to bake, counting the minutes and staring at the little circles. The little feet came out at the 4th minute! I was right! No need to age the eggs!

Then I followed the instructions and opened the oven door to rotate the tray as I knew my oven was slightly hotter right at the back. After I rotated the tray, I stared and stared. And stared those little feet into disappearance. Argh.
Many folks failed in their first attempts. I was prepared for the worst by using only tiny fractions of the ingredients for my first trial. So... I am going to try again in 1-2 days' time with the rest of the fractions.
Since the "macarons" weren't as pretty and considered a success, I decided not to make any fillings for them. That said, the failed cuties were absolutely wonderful surprisingly. It had a good crust and was chewy and soft in the middle. It was easy to peel off the parchment paper. They were a tad too sweet for my hubby but really good for me.
Let's see how it goes with the aged egg whites in a few days' time.

Basic Almond Macaron

This is already a reduced recipe and I only used 40% of this recipe for my 1st attempt

60g egg whites
75g almond flour (I used ground almonds. Had to sift like crazy.)
135g icing sugar
15g sugar
pinch of cream of tartar


  1. Sift almond flour and icing sugar twice
  2. Add cream of tartar to egg whites. Beat till foamy and white. Add sugar gradually and beat till stiff peaks form.
  3. Gradually add dry ingredients i.e. from step 1 to egg whites in 4-5 additions
  4. Pipe into rounds onto parchment paper and rest for at least 30 minutes till the macarons are smooth and shiny on top.
  5. Bake in a preheated oven of 150 degrees for 11 minutes. Rotate the tray at half time.

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