June 13, 2010

True Meringue

Back in Apr. 24 Apr to be exact. My hubby decided to give me a little treat i.e. bring me to Phoon Huat to buy a nice chiffon cake tin and a *gasp* oven thermometer!

We passed by Gastronomia and went in for a look. I found this blob of "thing" sitting there and it just said "Coffee Meringue" at the label. $3.50 for one. I bought it. Tasted it and it was good!

This is how meringues are supposed to be like. Sweet soft and melts in your mouth. All the girls I offered this to loved it. The guys... are not in the meringue league.

After some research, it's just made up of whipped egg whites and sugar! Dirt cheap to make at home vs $3.50 at the stores. Tried replicating it myself many many times and failed many many times. The problem is that my oven is too small and incapable of having a temperature below 130 degrees Celsius. So... I guess I have to give up the meringue making dream for now until I get a nice new oven.

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